Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lightingCustom lighting for your residential and commercial property goes far beyond just providing security and safety for your investment. It also enhances your home’s landscaping and adds sophistication. In conjunction with a well-designed landscaping project, well-placed lighting provides a warm, welcoming outdoor atmosphere along with the added protection.

Taking your specific landscape design into consideration, placing lights so that the various focal points of your landscaping are highlighted can add curb appeal and elegance to your home. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to define the beauty of your property. A small investment in various lighting and lamping options can go a long way towards creating a

Your landscape investment for your home can be significantly increased by adding lighting to your outside living areas. Your pool, patio, decks, water features, etc. can be enjoyed at night as well as during the day. Using low voltage lighting systems can dramatically transform darkened areas such as walkways and paths so they can be highlighted for use at night. With a lighting system, both your house and its surrounding landscape will provide a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment for your outdoor as well as indoor entertainment.

In addition to adding beauty, functionality, and value to your home and property, protection for your property will also be achieved. By providing light to poorly lit doorways and entrances, safety and security is improved. Well-placed lighting along walkways, pathways, and other traffic areas also can prevent injuries. Landscape lighting helps safeguards your greatest investment.

S.A.M. Landscaping also provides holiday lighting installation and maintenance. Using lighting techniques and greenery décor to enhance your home and landscaping, we’ll create a unique design that will give your home and property a welcoming and festive air combined with elegance. Leave the installation and maintenance to us while you enjoy the beauty of the season.